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Don't want to go live until previewing it on a live environment, or having it checked by a manager, this tool will allow you to set it in a preview mode, where only the administrator will see it until confirmation to go live is granted.

With ediTDream™
you can write something
now, or have it published
live online to schedule
later on your website.

ediTDream™ comes with a full featured multiple level WYSIWYG text editor with Integrated spellchecker, giving even novice users the ability to combine text, images, tables in an attractive way.  The editor is integrated with the file manager so you can grab, drag-and-drop images, add-ons or files at any time.

Sure, ediTDream™ allows you to preview your changes, but not only; with the complex versioning system, you can track versions and compare the differences between them, and if needed even re-store an old version.

ediTDream™ has its own file manager, no need of FTP or else, you can upload any element, images, pdf documents, zip files, rar files, and because you can allow or restrict any kind of format, you are not restricted to have anything available on your website.  In addition, file manager comes with its own versioning system, so when making changes to a file or re-uploading; you can go back on time and restore the original file. With file manager you can create attributes, set of files, and because it has a built-in permission system, you can restrict by password the permission to download files and even more. Copy content and or functionality from one page, one part of your website to another with preset module is possible.

The simplest way of editing your website, grab, drag and drop the element around in the page.
Forget what you know about content management systems, editDream™ is a web editor; add pages, move pages, re-order pages, edit as much as you want and how you want it.  editDream™ will pull up your complete website to your control panel.  Meaning that you will not have to go back and forth from the control panel to your website to see the changes you make; just select a page, make the changes and EditDream will do the rest for you.

With ediTDream™ you can create as many pages and sub-pages and no longer find it difficult to manage or update your menu in all the pages...Now with ediTDream™ dynamic navigation system is here, it will automatically create your menu and sub-menus for you, add a page anywhere and it's updated everywhere.

Wonder why Google will index all your pages?  Finished is the time to write or use additional tools to generate your XML site-map, this tool comes built-in with ediTDream™.

ediTDream™ Themes are
a powerful way to make your
website look exactly the way
you want it using a single
theme for the entire site
or separate themes for each
site section. The level of
visual control goes a step
further with powerful tools,
allowing you to customize
each section of your page.
And if this weren't enough
you can also choose to buy
a completely new design
through the edD Store.

The most of the most, this built in editor can save you a lot of money from image manipulation software.  Upload your image/picture, then edit right in it; re-size it, write text in it, correct the quality of your picture, all this is now possible in ediTDream™

Sure, when visitors register, you can manage them through the user manager, you can move or add them to a group, check their info, contact them or just delete them, you can have as many users and groups as you want, you can even add required user attributes that will automatically show up in the registration forms.

Don't want to lose visitors because of registration forms, not a problem, ediTDream™ comes with the famous Authentication (openID) system pre-integrated to it, this system will allow visitors to login directly with their openID (like Google info for example), as they log in, openID will go to their account and grab the info directly from there.

You can create any kind of group-users and give any kind of permissions to it; from access to a complete page or full area, to a simple module in 1 page within the administration section and or in the public section.

With ediTDream™ you can easily have a registered area, this functionality comes integrated to the core with many more features: allows to or not the registration to your website, confirms the account automatically by email validation or not, enters public profile sections for registered users to see each other, private messaging system to comunicate between the users and much more...

Want to get the most secure solutions in the world?  This is not a problem, ediTDream™ comes pre-set for SSL integration.

Same security tools as a bank's  website, now integrated in ediTDream™, want to limit access to your website, from a single IP to a full country IP, this is now possible, you can even automatically ban an IP after a few failed login attempts for a specific time or even for ever.

Flexible meta data & vanity URLs for Search Engine Optimization, update your own meta description, meta title and meta keywords per page!  In addition, ediTDream™ comes with a full user friendly URL, you can even set descriptive shortcut URLs.

Get your script from Google Analytics and paste it in the system settings, this will update all your pages in a second, with ediTDream™ Google Analytics integration has never been so easy.

See who connected and when, this is a useful tool to track the connections routed to your website.

ediTDream™ has a built-in help section to assist users with finding what they need. A glossary explains the terms in plain English, a version checker makes sure you're using the latest version, a system information tool helps you troubleshoot and to better assist you; you can ask for the commercial support option to have us handle your questions.

Helps navigate users to the most popular search items and provides the admin with search statistics.

Having a nice website is good, having a full featured website is excellent, having a fast website even better, ediTDream™ comes built-in with a caching system to speed up the loading of your pages.

edD Store, the solution to growth and your extension, at any time, whenever you want or need it.  You can access the edD Store and extend your functionality, just browse through our selection of add-ons, from a simple YouTube add-on to a fully featured ecommerce solution, everything is available on edD Store...just grab, drag and drop!

HTML/WYSIWYG Editor Content.

Creates automaticly cutomizable dropdown navigation menus of your pages.

Adds images and onstates from the library to pages.

Embeds uploaded video into a web page. Supports AVI, WMV, Quicktime/MPEG4 and FLV formats.

Enter an address and a Google Map of that location will be placed in your page.

Display a running loop of images.

Embeds a Youtube Video in your web page.

 Fetch, parse and display the contents of an RSS or Atom feed.

Provide a simple survey, along with results in a pie chart format.

Embeds SWF files, including flash detection.

Link to files stored in the asset library.

include your own pice of html anywhere you want to.

Generat an RSS feed from your content

Build a simple to
a complex form
with a few clicks,
and place them anywhere
in your content.

Guessing what people think about you? Want comments from your visitors?  Select where you want it, the guestbook add-on is for you.

Nice assistant will guide you throught the setup of your website, First your website name, and your logo, then set your design, manage your pages and Voila! ready to go.

Even if editDream is very easy and friendly, it's professionale design may look intimidating, this is why we did this easy online documentation.

Wonder what to do in this area? What is button for? thi field For? Integrated help is for you, those  question marks are almost everywhere in your ad ministration, they simply tell you what is that thing you see now for

Only for users with premium licenses, helpdesk is a premium support, Dont want to look in the documentation? Have a problem?, you can ask anything, We have people working around the clock to help you and answer all your questions.

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